Sheila Raghavan

Vision and Mission

Gynuity began in 2003 with a small team of experts willing to take risks on the frontiers of reproductive and maternal health by using science as a tool to make services more accessible, of higher quality, and easier to use. That same maverick spirit lives on today in our multi-lingual staff and consultants who have stayed true to our original vision and mission. We have developed a core approach for our work that is adaptable to local needs and circumstances.


A world in which each individual has access to safe and effective reproductive and maternal health care—delivered where, when, and how needed.


To develop and advocate for the use of scientific, clinical and programmatic evidence in reproductive and maternal health, assuring that each individual benefits from the fruits of medical science and technology.

Beverly Winikoff, M.D., M.P.H., is the founder and president of Gynuity Heath Projects.

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